Branded Fruit
01 September 2016

It’s September, AKA Christmas production race!

Today is theĀ 1st of the month, we are now over half way through the year, it’s the end of Summer and the start of the production race to Christmas… or as some people call it, “September”.

Our clients are sending in their Christmas production orders and the machines are in non stop production mode!

But it’s not all doom and gloom, we thought we’d share a photograph of a recent test engrave on a banana to cheer you up!
What do you think?
Engraved Banana
We’re not just good at engraved banana distractions, we’re also here to help with your Christmas production needs, or just production in general! Send us an email at to see how we can help you laser cut paper, card, acrylic and wood.

I’ll catch you soon!

P.S, I hate bananas, but they sure do look awesome engraved!