12 November 2015

Engraved Store Opening Plaque – Lola’s Cupcakes

The definition of Bespoke is ‘made to order’ and these plaques were definitely fit that description
We worked with London based franchise Lola’s Cupcakes to not just make a standard engraved plaque for their franchise store openings around the globe, but to create something completely unique that matched their branding.

We used a Dulux matched colour to paint the wooden bases we cut and routed. Then we used a brushed nickel effect laminate to achieve the design engraved in a black colour.

In total we made 7 plaques for Lola’s Cupcakes – their franchise stores are in Saudi Arabia to Nice!
Below are a couple of photographs of the plaques before they left our studio.

Lola's Cupcakes Engraved Plaques

Lola's Cupcakes Engraved Plaque

If you’d like to discuss your bespoke plaques you can email or call us on 01633 870104 to discuss your ideas or requirements.