• Bespoke Laser UK Wales Etching Metal 3
  • engraved power bank
  • Paramedic scissors
  • Etched metal flask
  • Engraved chef knife
  • Etched thermos flask
  • etched metal plate

We do not cut Metal at Bespoke Laser UK

We are able to etch brushed stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
This is an etch only, with no depth.

Examples in the photographs on the left show a mixture of brushed stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
Anodised aluminium usually has a coloured coating over the top, we etch this away to reveal the metal underneath, we cannot engraved aluminium that has not been anodised. Our examples of this material are within the photograph of promotional items made for South Wales Maintenance and the Ravpower chargers.

We have been asked to etch the Paramedic numbers of Paramedics in the area on to their Leatherman Raptor scissors that have been issued by the NHS. This is to identify who the scissors belong to.

Etching power banks can create a lovely gift for a loved one or a corporate thank you gift as shown in the image to the left. These power banks are anodised aluminium and our etch is permanent.

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