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25 July 2014

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations for Wedding Stationery Designers

Are you looking to introduce laser cut invitations to your wedding stationery business?

Do you need a reliable, UK based laser cutting service that understands deadlines and produces perfectly intricate laser cut invitations?

Laser cutting designs for wedding stationery provides endless possibilities, from flat designs to pop up.

Laser cutting a design not only allows designers to cut through material but to etch, score and engrave a wide variety of materials.

At Bespoke Laser UK we’ve invested heavily in technology that allows you to cut ultra fine detail, with fonts as small as 1mm. Perspex and wooden invitations are also a possibility now with engraved detail.

Our Trotec Speedy 400 combined with our background and qualifications in graphic design means that we can create perfect cuts; each curve designed will be cut as a curve unlike inferior laser cutters.

Speeding up the process will compromise quality and with lasers that aren’t focussed correctly you will achieve horrible charred results.

We pride ourselves on getting your invitations cut perfectly and will work with you to build your ideas into a design or cut straight from the design you send us.

We keep Canford Card in 300gsm in stock, take a look at our Colour Swatches in our Colour Chart.

Our lead time is usually a super quick 2-5 days depending on the job, we’re able to let you know when you enquire and will put together a free, no obligation quote tailored to your bespoke project.

If you’re a creative designer looking for your own range of stationery we would love to see your designs, if you would like further information please request our wedding information pack via email at

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