Bespoke Laser UK Wales Engraved Wooden Signage Redbull Hardline
14 September 2015

Wooden Engraved Signage for Redbull Hardline 2015

Redbull Hardline – not for the faint hearted!
The course in Dinas Mawddwy looks absolutely mental – having no experience on a Mountain Bike huge props go to everyone who ventured out to test the track!

We created the trophies for the first ever Redbull Hardline in September 2014 and this year we were tasked with creating the largest signage we’ve every produced combined with vinyl production to make the logo pop from the wooden engraving.

We created a total of 17 signs within five days, five of those signs being 1m x 1m.
Here’s our 60cmx60cm engraved birch ply with vinyl logo applied.
Bespoke Laser UK Wales Laser Engraving Service Wooden Signage

Check out the course highlights, photographs of our signage in action and videos here:

The winning run head cam footage:

We had great fun bringing the signage together with the combination of vinyl and wood and have loved seeing the signage in action from the photographs of the event!

If you spotted the signage let us know what you think or tweet us your photos to @bespokelaseruk