23 October 2017

Unique Hotel and Restaurant Design

Here at Bespoke Laser UK we have been producing a variety of custom designed and engraved products for Hotels and / or Restaurants.

Providing a laser cutting as well as a uv printing service allows us to add a logo or text to many different materials including wood and acrylic.

We understand that attracting guests to a hotel stay and or evening dining is all about immersing them in the experience and encouraging them to keep coming back for more.

Below are just a few examples of how we have helped some of our service industry clients add that unique touch.

We have worked with local Cafe business, Parc Pantry in Newport to add something different and memorable to their customer experience with engraved Bamboo chopping boards engraved with their logo design.

Parc Pantry use their boards for Pizza nights, cake displays and coffee serving boards. They can also be great for displaying cakes and pastries in chiller cabinets.

Branded Chopping Board

Customers love to know who’s serving them, name tags can give staff a more personal approach and help customers to identify them easily.

We make staff and colleague name badges in any shape and style from wood or acrylic, in full colour or engraved whichever suits your brand identity.

Feeling rustic, then we can make them rough and ready. Prefer chic then how about these solid Oak wood engraved badges created for Carpenter Oak for exhibition staff to wear at large shows?

wooden staff badges

Continue your brand identity throughout helps you to be remembered over your competitors.

From hotel room signage to the toilet door your brand identity / logo will help your customer to feel a connection with your hotel or restaurant.

Made from solid Welsh Oak and laser engraved these signs for a boutique hotel give the best clues to their theme, have you guessed it?

wooden hotel signage

This blog is just a small peek at the variety of products we engrave and print. Whilst we know that not all items may be suitable for every business we had to get a mention in for our engraved spoons and lolly sticks.

These can be more suited for press events and giveaways, but the possibilities are endless.

Some restaurants have very distinctive brand identities, we don’t think it gets much cooler than the Salty Sea Dog? Can you prove us wrong?

We love how they transformed their drinks menu with our birch ply wood engraved to their design. A robust menu cover that can stand on its own and really says a lot about the venue and their brand identity.

It’s easy to swap out new menus as they update with the handy binding rings.

wooden drinks menu

Signs and message boards. We’ve never worked on two signs that have been the same, that’s kinda why we like this whole bespoke thing…

Here’s an A-Frame we were commissioned to create,  it’s definitely a fair weather sign here in the UK.. or an indoors way finding sign for shared offices or conference and meeting rooms.

Want a different size? No problem, how cool would a mini version be for your tables numbers and menus?!

Wooden A Frame

We use FSC approved sustainable sources and we keep our carbon footprint low by only sourcing the wood from within a 50 mile radius. We love our trees here!

Is wood all you use?  I hear you ask! Fear not, we also use acrylic to create unique products too in many different forms.

Here’s an engraved acrylic menu that we formed from a flat sheet to be freestanding.

Acrylic Menu

Not just engraved either.
We can cut the acrylic to any logo shape and print in full colour, as shown below on white and clear acrylic and wood which means you can include ANY design!

uv printed menus


If you’ve got a project idea you’d like to explore send us an email for more information: