Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there size restrictions on the materials you can cut/engrave?

The laser bed can fit materials up to 1000mm x 610mm. For larger materials we also have the option to open the machine and pass the object through, however, the working area remains the same.

2. Are all materials in stock?

We do keep a vast amount of materials in stock, however due to the bespoke nature of most projects it is not possible to keep a large amount of every material available to us. When a quote is prepared for you we will factor in any delivery time for the materials needed, though the courier service available from our suppliers is 24 hour.

3. Are there any materials you are unable to work with?

We are unable to work with Vinyl plastics though we can outsource this work on your behalf if necessary.

We are also unable to cut sheet metals and glass, though we can engrave these materials.

Take a look at our Materials List for more information, if you have a bespoke request or you would like to supply the materials please get in touch as we are happy to accommodate this.

4. How do I get a quote?

Take visit our How to Order page.

Quotes will entirely depend on the information you provide us with.

5. Is your file ‘laser-ready’?

Is your file ‘laser-ready’ or do we need to prepare the artwork for you?

Have you thought about what materials and quantity you would need? Click here for our Materials List.

Quotes are based on time for preparation and design, time on the laser bed, the materials involved and postage.

If you’re looking for an estimate we are happy to provide one based on rough guidelines from you, but we will still need to have a detailed description of what you’re looking for. Before getting in touch make sure you’ve visited the Quote page to collate all of your information together following the easy steps.

Email is our preferred method of contact for quotes, quoting over the phone is not possible due to the factors involved in calculating your quote. However, you will receive a quote or estimate within the same day.

6. How do I set up ‘laser-ready’ artwork?

Download your free artwork prep guide below! ┬áIf you’re stuck please get in touch, we provide a personal service and will reply within 24 hours.

Download your free artwork prep guide

Prep Guide

Looking to produce laser cut work and need to prepare your artwork? Not sure how to prepare your artwork for laser cutting?

Download your FREE step by step guide to setting up your files correctly for laser.

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