02 February 2018

Trade Show Branding – Looking the part at your next exhibition

Happy Friday Bespoke Laser friends! It’s the first Friday of February here, January is a long month full of ice and rain here in Wales, we’ve managed to stay warm in the workshop due to improvements made which we’re all grateful for.. we hope you’re warm wherever you’re reading this! 🙂 We’ve been busy helping clients with their trade show branding so far this year!

With the new year brings new product ranges, shows to exhibit at and new customer relationships to build for your work and we thought we’d spend today’s blogging time to talk about how you can make your brand stand out at exhibitions.


Looking swish at your next exhibition

There are many elements to an exhibition that pose a great opportunity for your brand to stand out above the rest. When initially planning your brand there are many things to think about, it’s not just about the name and logo – a brand identity covers everything from the tone of voice your business will have to the feeling your business gives your customer.

When exhibiting you have seconds to make an impression on a visitor and your brand needs to come across in the correct way in those moments.

We help brands with bespoke signage, badges, displays, business cards and even clipboards. Helping you take your branding elements, colours and business logo and creating something that you can’t pluck off a shelf because it needs to fit with your brand.



Clipboards are the newest addition to our range and can be purchased from our website with an engraving option or full colour UV printed option.

Useful for taking contact information from visitors and orders at trade shows our clipboards are available in A5 or A4 size.


Wooden A Frame

A custom sandwich board made to measure with graphics designed to fit your brand can be another element to add to a trade show. We can make them from A6 in size to A1.

Using wood within your display gives a natural look to any brand that’s has an ecological take on their business, such as a vegan bakery, ethical clothing brand or nature based business.

You can use wood in many forms to be consistent on your stand, using natural hard woods to produce signage, displays and badges.


wooden staff badges


We work with a variety of clients from individuals to national companies with a wide range of materials to suit lots of budgets.

The badges above were made from solid Oak to fit the Carpenter Oak brand, they have a magnetic backing for ease of wear and were individually engraved for all the staff members to wear at their trade shows.


Always Sparkle Signage

We also work with acrylic and plastic laminates to create signage.

Above is an image of the finished acrylic signage for The Golden Letter – we UV printed the brush stroke on to a clear acrylic and adhered the laser cut gold mirror acrylic to the sign so that it was raised above the surface.

Below is an example of our engraved perspex acrylic, this time we’ve used it to create lanyards for special guests at a Google event.

Acrylic Lanyard Tag


We’ve loved seeing all of our customers images on Instagram of their signage in situ at trade shows including Kate & The Ink whose signage we made below from birch ply wood and a raised painted wood finish.

wooden exhibition signage


We wish you all the best with your trade shows and exhibitions this year, we know just how much work goes in to them and we wish you every success!


Laura & Team.