15 February 2018

Calligraphy Ink Stands

The art of hand lettering has made a huge comeback in the last couple of years. I found throughout my time at university (2009-13) studying graphics and visual communication everything was very computer-led, Illustrator was king and even Wacom tablets weren’t really that popular unless you were an ‘Illustrator’. I always worked with my hands, preferring paper and pens/pencils to screen, until the very last moment would I digitise my designs. I like to write and my thought process is very scribbled till I flow through an idea from start to finish. Since starting university I’ve seen a massive shift back to hand crafted skills and the combination of craft and digital creating stunning visual work.


I don’t think this is a ‘trend’ that will be going away soon, with calligraphy classes all over the country you can try your hand at the skill for a morning and come away with lots to practice! I first tried calligraphy at art class in school, we were all told to buy the felt tip calligraphy pens, I really enjoyed it but I wouldn’t say I was a natural, it took a lot of practice and I could never get the letters right every time. Have you tried using the felt pens? They sure are easier than the nibs and ink but I went on a course at Meticulous Ink in Bath, run by the lovely Athena. I enjoyed it a lot I even hand lettered my own wedding invitation envelopes this time last year.. it’s not something I’ll be taking up professionally any time soon…

A quick search on Instagram for hashtags like moderncalligraphy throws up so many calligraphy accounts and beautiful videos of glorious shimmery inks marking paper. Instagram is an awesome place to look for hand lettering of all types and with the follow function on Instagram for certain hashtags is the best place of type nerds like me!


I made my first calligraphy ink stands after my course at Meticulous Ink two years ago because I just knew I was going to knock the bottle of ink at some point, it was only a matter of time! I also wanted a place to rest my pen without it marking paper or any surfaces in my home.

Here’s a photograph of the first one I made and engraved with my name…

calligraphy stand


Since then I’ve been making our calligraphy ink stands for calligraphy lovers all over the world! They’ve gone to America and even Singapore and I love the idea that people are using them to aid their beautiful hand lettering creations.

Buy an individual personalised stand at £12.50 from our etsy shop here: Calligraphy Ink Stands

The Crafthood run calligraphy courses in Newcastle and recently commissioned a batch of 20 stands for their learners all engraved with their logo! I can’t wait to see photographs of them in use at their classes, for now here are some photographs we snapped before they left us.



ink stand


Some useful calligraphy links:

Lamplighter London – check out their book Nib & Ink!

The Golden Letter – for gorgeous wedding invitations

Meticulous Ink – for awesome courses in Bath!

Buy an individual personalised stand at £12.50 from our etsy shop here: Calligraphy Ink Stands


If you’d like more information on our calligraphy stands or a project you’ve got in mind please email:


That’s it from me, thanks for reading 🙂

Laura & Team!